Becoming a great place to work for: Key to A company’s sustainability practice

Best Practices

What can HR do to help companies sustain their performance and become employers job seekers regularly go to for opportunities? This is what Metamorphosis Group CEO Danica Octa, and its advisory members, Ricson Singson Que and Reinnite Madrid, try to answer in the pilot episode of their webinar series “Sustainable HR” on SustainablePH TV. The main topic discussed being how a company becomes a great place to work for.

A company becomes a great place to work for when it meets all the specific needs of the people of the organizations are met. It goes beyond compensation and benefits. Job seekers and employees also have to see your organization as one with which they can build a relationship for the long run because the company also helps them meet their goals. This is why people can stay with the same employer for decades. Thus, becoming a company that is a great place to work for acts as a viable strategy for sustainability. Sustainability allows a company today to develop into a company tomorrow for the future. 

A company that is a great place to work for includes many attributes. The 3 most obvious ones are 1) compensation and benefits 2) career opportunities 3) work experience. Other factors that employees and jobseekers may not take into account as much are: 

Culture and Values

Under this attribute, keywords are care, trust, pride, and standing for something. Companies should not only practice these values with their clients but with their employees as well. Employees are more likely to embody these values in return leading to a sustainable culture.


Employees are your stakeholders, in the sense that their satisfaction or lack of it impacts how well a company performs. Leaders in senior management should remember that it is not only their job to complete their tasks but to also make the employees feel listened to. This is especially vital during the pandemic. A concrete way of making leadership more sustainable is to for a company to have a good work from home system. A good example of one is when the boss checks up on a teammate’s health regularly while the latter can reach the former anytime during working hours. 

Recommend to a friend

It’s easy to see that a  company is a great place to work for when employees are willing to recommend their employees to friends because there are great benefits, such as internet subsidization, and a great environment. There are prestige, perks, and pride.

Work-Life Balance

The most important point here is allowing employees to have flexible schedules. Instead of prioritizing the completion of the required work hours every day, it is better to have a goal-based schedule where employees need to complete their tasks by a certain time.

Strategic and Business Outlook

A company with this outlook is one that is flexible to the environment. A feasible way of following this outlook is for a business to prepare for telecommuting and a hybrid office-home environment, where some days are in the office and at home, even after the pandemic over. . Clocking in and out of the office every day is quite archaic already

Watch their pilot here on SustainablePH TV. Get to know Reinnite Madrid, Ricson Singson Que, and Danica Octa on LinkedIn too and learn about Metamorphosis Group.