Modern digital recruitment strategies: What goes into making a good candidate experience

Best Practices

In the recruitment process, the candidate experience covers the actual interview ending in the acceptance or rejection of the applicant. Good candidate experience can be tantamount to good customer service.  Company sales are also driven by representatives who are good at solving the concerns of the customers, and similarly, putting in the needed resources to make a good one will more likely lead to a high return on investment (ROI) on the recruitment process.

Danica Octa, president and CEO of career development and empowerment firm Metamorphosis Group was the speaker in a webinar hosted by KMC Solutions, called “Building a Strong Digital Recruitment Strategy”. She emphasized the different parts of this strategy that could help companies in finding better employees. The parts include: 1) Job comprehension for easier finding of talents who fit certain roles, 2) Digital employer branding for the purpose of attracting candidates, and 3) Good candidate experience for candidates to have a positive company experience, no matter the result

Danica Tips on how to interview and how to share the application decision

1. Engage with each other

Converse with, not interrogate, your candidate- you are equals, you need something from each other. Thus, treat them like a professional.

2. Explore how you match

Make it an exploratory discussion and expectation setting meeting- As much as you want to know if the candidate is the right fit, they want to know if your company is the right employer too.  – focus more on explaining what the company is like to the candidate more than asking the candidates personal questions. Expectation- setting can be done by telling candidates for example, what happens in the jobs, the possible benefits, the possibility of overtime for difficult jobs. 

3. Provide a good experience

For digital assessments, provide a good user experience- candidates will easily give up the application if the user experience in your digital platforms are difficult to navigate. They can easily apply to another company as digital recruiting has become the norm and there are always competitors who offer a better experience which attracts more candidates. You can consult rising UX professionals for tips.  

4. Build good relationships

Build rapport during and after the recruitment process- Even if a candidate does not end up being accepted, it is important for you to continue building your relationship indefinitely as both of you may still provide good opportunities for each other in the future. Usually good candidates are rejected because they do not fit the role. Providing good candidate experience like good customer service, throughout the whole process, ensures that they will keep coming back to you. 

If you want to check out the video on the webinar, click here. You can also reach out to the speaker Danica Octa on LinkedIn and visit Metamorphosis Group here.