The Tripartite Agreement: How a company Can vaccinate their employees

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One of the biggest problems Philippine companies are facing today is protecting the health of their employees. Despite the measures people have taken to prevent transmission COVID-19, unpredictable lockdowns and rising cases have made it difficult for businesses to maintain a sense of stability. Thus, news stating that private companies can now purchase vaccines for their employees provides relief.

Under Sec. 5 of R.A.11525 or “COVID-19 Vaccination Program of 2021 Act”, a private sector company will need to enter a Tripartite Agreement with the Department of Health and the National Task Force to procure vaccines. This form of agreement is necessary as vaccines are meant only for Emergency Use. There is no true authorization based on testing yet.

The same law has also stated that representatives of private entities who are authorized to carry out COVID-19 vaccinations, will be excused from liability concerning its use. Employees will not be able to bring up cases against their employers for adverse effects in the future. Instead, people who died, were permanently disabled, or were confined in the hospital will be indemnified as the COVID-19 Vaccination Program of 2021 Act has provided a trust fund, administered by PhilHealth, for them

For now, a couple of companies have committed to vaccinating their employees for free. Those who have released statements promising these are MVP Group of Companies, Accenture, Jollibee Food Corporations, GMA Inc, and Ayala Corporation.

Allowing private sector companies to procure vaccines has long-lasting effects on the field of business sustainability. Since businesses want to be pandemic proof for years to come, it may be necessary for every company to allocate funds for future vaccines and may even become an employee benefit they may receive if another virus strikes. Showing concrete care for the health of their employees is a sure way for companies to gaining their loyalty.