When career fairs become more than just a hiring event: A sustainable initiative

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Most recruiters perceive going the career fair option a “desperate move” especially for volume job requisitions. They set up a booth, stand pretty to give away flyers, and almost beg passersby to at least list down their names in a sheet to meet quotas. Fortunately, not all career fair events acquire sponsors and partners for just a platform that merely makes candidates and employers meet. For truly sustainable corporate events, what makes a career fair stand out are three things — 1) It educates the audience, 2) It inspires career explorers, and 3) It engages with job seekers.

Metamorphosis Group, a career development and empowerment platform, is holding its second run of the Virtual Career Academy Summit 2021 this September 13-17, 2021! The usual activities like industry career talks, coaching sessions, job applications, and an online raffle is very much happening in this upcoming event just like the last one. The only difference is that this September, the company, in partnership with the Society of Sustainability Practitioners and the Sustainable PH organization, will be working together to campaign Sustainability which is a much needed theme for discussion in a career fair like this.

So why should employers and job seekers join the Virtual Career Academy Summit 2021 this September?

1. Educate

This first ever career fair on Sustainability aims to educate job seekers and career explorers about the value of Sustainability as a mindset and a lifestyle regardless of what profession or career path one chooses. The event provides a platform for Sustainability-minded employers and industry leaders as well as talented individuals to explore possibilities in sustainable employment, sustainable organizations, and overall sustainable practices. In educating each other via a forum, not only will job seekers learn but also employers. Job seekers will have a lot to take away from the event while employers will be known as an organization that educates.

2. Inspire

Especially in this time of pandemic, most job seekers and career explorers feel hopeless in the face of adversity. Limiting beliefs cloud their minds from a future that could’ve been possible to achieve. Inspirational stories about the industry and profession revolving around sustainable practices can give hope to the talent market. A platform like this gives both parties the capability to show each other the many opportunities they can get into. Job seekers, likewise, can inspire employers by showing their passion, purpose, and advocacy for sustainable practices and similar visions. Employers who participate will be known as an organization that inspires.

3. Engage

Building relationships between talents and organizations helps establish trust and mutual respect which opens opportunities for both parties to collaborate. As much as job seekers need jobs, employers need talent too. To be successful in doing so, engagement is extremely important. No further opportunities arise for people that refuse to acknowledge the social nature of people. The event offers the opportunity for both employers and job seekers to generate interest in themselves so they can pursue further opportunities in their own endeavors. A company who decides to do so will be known as an organization that engages.

To be part of the Virtual Career Academy Summit 2021 this September, please reach out to Danica Octa of Metamorphosis Group at partnerships@metamorphosis-group.org for more information.