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Employee well-being: a way to attract talent

Best Practices

Willis Towers Watson, an advisory, broking, and solutions company, surveyed 122 Filipino companies about their approaches to well-being in the workplace from October to November 2020. According to the results in its report, 85% wanted to attract more candidates through their employee well-being programs. There are plans to make them more holistic, covering the physical, mental, social, and financial issues of their employees.

Half of the participants admitted that while they offered various programs in the past, there was not yet a formulated wellbeing strategy. The mental health crisis, brought about by the pandemic is pushing senior leadership to see how harmful stress is to the workplace. Not only can it be seen as a means of managing their workforce in such a stressful time it can make them stand out as an employer to job-seeking candidates.

A good well-being program can be an advertisement for your brand because the testimonies of satisfied employees are the best proof you can show to candidates that your carer. Glassdoor, a job-seeking website, discussed the 7 companies who care about employee wellness during COVID-19 in its blog. It not only covered the different ways these companies were looking out for their workforce, but also placed the reviews of that very workforce towards these initiatives. These reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

It is time for companies to see that mental health should not only be an incentive or bonus. It is a necessity. It is not only what your employees demand from you, but also the candidates of the job market today.