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How to market to candidates

Recruitment Experience

The internet has changed the way talent acquisition works. It has not only allowed companies to reach more candidates, but it also has more flexibility and costs less than the traditional means.
Online, companies can implement these strategies to market themselves as a great brand to work for.

Have an attractive career page

To make candidates attracted to your career page, put the mission of your company and the workplace culture at the forefront. This could be through photos, graphics, or videos. Putting employee testimonials about the benefits of working here could also be very helpful as it makes candidates trust the company more.

Another way to make your career page more appealing is to customize the experience based on the type of candidate you are looking for This is especially useful if a company hires from different fields. To do this, you can have a tab dedicated to jobs and each job has its subpage. In this sub-page, you can focus on content that will convince the candidate to apply.

Market on social media

Looking at social media profiles has allowed recruiters to cut through crowds and find the right fit for the company. To attract candidates, employers should have a strong presence online. This means, not only posting job openings but also posting positive events or stories about the experience of working there. Making webinars around topics the company is passionate about is also helpful as it can bring in causual viewers who are also job-seeking..

Make recruitment videos

Video recruiting allows candidates to have a concise experience about working for the company while keeping their attention. Each short video can talk about different aspects of the job from culture, employee benefits, to exciting problems the company has solved.
An organization can also show that there is growth in the company by citing cases of significant employees who rose and contributed a lot to the workplace. This is especially useful if you are looking to hire fresh graduates.