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Realigning career goals in the pandemic

Learning Opportunities

It remains no question that the pandemic has carried along with it several challenges posed to people in the workforce. In light of retrenchment cases arising from economic and industrial decline, limitations in movement due to quarantine restrictions, as well as businesses shutting down altogether due to reduced demand and revenue, people are forced into realigning their career objectives with the current realities COVID-19 has presented to these workers. As per recent articles and studies, such realignment considers several factors at the personal, organizational, and industrial level.

Personal Realignment

Lancefield & Clark encourage workers to shift to a personal, progressive mindset that considers a vaster range of opportunities. Given the uncertainty brought about by the prevailing circumstances, workers are encouraged to become more strategic with considering career options apt for this new setup. More importantly, it is even better for them to embrace and accommodate the intimidating doubts and uncertainties amidst this time to better help themselves elucidate what lies ahead of them in their next steps moving forward. At the 

Organizational & Leadership Considerations

Another factor that may affect one’s career realignment is the nature of leadership in prospective companies. Clark & Chamorro-Premuzic states that the pandemic has tested the leadership of several organizations with regard to how well they can manage given the pressures of pandemic. Perhaps this is wherein questions such as “Is the management in the company considerate of safety protocols?”, “What benefits can the company provide for new employees in this new setup?”, and “How can the culture of the organization contribute to my career growth in this pandemic?” It is then imperative to know first where the company is headed, what it can provide for you, and how they can align themselves with both your career goals and the realities of the pandemic.

Industrial Perspectives 

Zooming more outwards to the factors to consider in your realignment, a crucial element is knowing the viability of your chosen field or industry in the pandemic. Hansen notes that certain industries such as those in education, retail, and personal services have faced inevitable changes due to the impacts of today’s circumstances. Notwithstanding, some industries are also going through change for the better. Sturgeon argues that opportunities could still arise amidst chaos. With this said, it is then important to weigh options considering the field and nature of the job you may be looking for, especially with regard to how well they can not only survive, but also thrive under the given circumstances.

In essence, there are a myriad of factors that can affect one’s career realignment given the uncertainties of a time such as ours. Such can be looked at from personal, organizational, and industrial perspectives. In all aforementioned suggested considerations, it is to note that they collectively promote the idea that amidst unsettling times, there is a call not for the total discontinuance of career searching; rather, they advocate for the idea of redesigning and reimagining strategies for workers in their pursuit of job acquisition and career development.