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5 Tips For Making WFH Employees Feel More Appreciated

Best Practices

Given all of the pandemic-induced fears and anxieties experienced by the global workforce, the call to make these employees more appreciated has been more amplified than ever. Fortunately, companies that have gracefully adjusted to the remote setup have shared creative ways on how to creatively extend appreciation to these employees. Here are 5 key tips that can help employees feel more appreciated in the workplace!

1. Make member engagement activities inclusive.

Team building initiatives are undoubtedly one of the most common, yet integral camaraderie-directed activities held by companies to kindle employee engagement. In preparing for these, it is important for companies to open these activities to all employees, considerate of the different factors affecting each of their current home contexts. Such activities may be in the form of asynchronous team building games that groups can do at their own time, and whenever their Internet connection permits so. Another example may be activities that do not require big spaces and areas at home. Being mindful of the different constraints that may possibly be experienced by employees at home goes a long way; it reassures them that each of them are acknowledged and included in these activities, regardless of the limitations of the online setting.

2. Provide feedback whenever possible and/or necessary.

At such an uncertain time, work has been relatively more ambiguous; the fixed structures and routines then implemented onsite have been tough to establish online. As a result, employees are in need of more guidance in the form of regular feedback. Such performance management practice not only becomes an online platform for monitoring an employee’s progress, but also an avenue for cultivating trust in the company’s online culture through this effective communication.

3. Avidly listen to their boundaries.

Since each individual has been curating his/her own daily schedule both for his/her work and personal life, it is important for companies to listen and understand their employees’ boundaries. A simple, yet effective practice pursuant to this is observing the implemented work hours for the company. Although it seems to be a small effort, mere observation of this boundary helps employees feel as if their time is valued and respected.

4. Send them care packages.

Care package deliveries to employees is a creative way to let them know that they’re well-appreciated. Sending gratitude to employees right at their doorstep may enable them to feel a sense of belongingness, as they would whenever they receive tokens of appreciation during onsite work. Of course, it is important to also inform them ahead of time of these deliveries to help them prepare to follow safety procedures in receiving packages!

5. Include them in important conversations.

Employees would greatly appreciate honesty in this setup, especially the truths behind the current state of the company. Simple gestures of honesty would make them feel included in important conversations regarding the company’s present and future needs. Such openness to participation and involvement fostered by honest company leaders may ultimately make employees appreciate their place and platform in the company. 

The key tip from these five ways of appreciating employees is to ensure that they are heard and included. This is all the more relevant at a time wherein most, if not all, systems are renewed, and employees experience struggles in finding their new place in this new setting. In summary, it is essential to deliberately find ways to know your employees’ contexts, boundaries, and opinions while supporting them through creative packages and feedback programs to ultimately make them feel appreciated.