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How Gen Z will impact the workplace in 3 ways

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Gen Z, born between 1997-2012, is the next in line to dominate the workforce. Just like the past generations, there have traits that make them unique. They are digital natives, highly educated, and have grown up in a world filled with instability, such as COVID-19.

It is time to prepare for their coming into the office by knowing the different ways they could stir the workplace.

Contributing to society is very important

According to Jason Dorsey, a generation researcher, 62% of Gen Z believe their generation will bring positive change to the world. They are unafraid of showcasing their beliefs in social media and support brands who do the same. Gen Z does not only want a job. They want to work for a company who have a purpose outside of profit, and give them opportunities to accomplish that purpose

They want their flexibility

The ideal job for Gen Z is not only exciting but flexible as they heavily prioritize work-life balance. They want to choose their hours. They appreciate a company that allows them to work outside of the office. Instead of a monthly work performance based on hours, they would rather be judged by the end product or their accomplishments.

They need transperancy

Gen Z, despite their ambition, can be anxious and mistrustful people. Dynamic Signal, a tech company, even stated that in their study that more than 43.2% of their Gen Z participants describe themselves as somewhat trusting. It comes from growing up in a time of constant misinformation, dishonest leadership, and negative media. Thus, they react positively to employers who seem authentic or transparent in the values they are enforcing.

Transparency, in the work setting, means having face to face conversations often. In the time of the pandemic, video tools for interviewing an other matters is a good way reinforcing this sense of transparency. It also means creating employer branding content that aligns with the reality of working there.