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Ace Your Online Job Interview!

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There’s no perfect way to become completely ready for an interview. You can’t always predict the atmosphere of the interview room, your interviewer’s demeanor, and the interview questions among other things. Nonetheless, there are ways on how to be confident in your interview, that is, through sufficient preparation. Here are a few tips you should consider before heading onto your next Zoom call!

  1. Brush up on common questions. There’s really no harm nor shame in searching “common interview questions on how to land a job”. In fact, it’s a great way to prepare yourself for the interview. While these questions might not be asked on your job interview as employers expect different things and companies have different questions focused on their own goals, these will definitely give you an idea on what you’re dealing with.  Moreover, there’s a very likely chance that your interviewer will ask something about what you’ve learned, what you’ve gone through, and what your plans are given the current crisis. These might be difficult to answer and it might evoke vulnerable emotions, so do prepare for those as well!
  2. Study the company. You wouldn’t want to get in an interview and find yourself misaligned with the company’s culture and goals; you’d be in an awkward and uncomfortable position to smile and nod in “agreement” until the call ends. This is why you should first check if what you have and what you want are coherent with what they can offer and what they need.  Familiarize yourself with the position you’re applying for not independently and solely based on the nature of the job itself, but also in relation with the company. It won’t suffice to know that you want a marketing position — you have to assess whether you want a marketing position in this kind of company. You may do your research through browsing through their social media feeds and company websites, or by asking friends and family who might work there.
  3. Know your tech. If you haven’t tried out common video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Google Meet, better try them out before your interview! It’s important to know how to go about these sites and apps to 1) prevent technical difficulties, 2) give you enough time for your interview without technical distractions, and 3) lessen your uneasiness — you’re already stressed about your interview, don’t make these technical stuff get on top of that too. Also, for the same reasons, make sure to check your WiFi signal and Internet connectivity level if they can support a 30min-1hr video call. 
  4. Look the part. The way you present yourself also plays a role in the interview process. Interviewers would expect not only a professional demeanor, but also professional appearance. If you’ve been looking for the chance to use the smart casual/formal clothes stored in your closet you haven’t brought out since the lockdown, this is the most appropriate time to wear them! Not only will this make you a bit more confident, but it will also show the interviewer that you really take this interview and will hopefully take the job seriously
  5. Check in on yourself. Are you well-rested? Is your body feeling alright? These are just some questions to ask yourself a night before your interview, as well as the day itself. Remember that you will need a healthy body and mind to persevere through this interview. A stomach ache, a migraine, or exhaustion from not having enough sleep might cost you your confidence and energy during the interview. Additionally, while it is perfectly normal to be preoccupied hours before your interview as you might be preparing your clothes, or brushing up on the Google Document you made for your draft interview answers, you have to remember to eat. Eat around an hour before your interview and don’t skip a meal! Your mind will work better from just simply checking in yourself and acting upon what your body and mind need.

To sum it all up, you need to 1) research common questions, 2) study the company, 3) try out the important tech, 4) dress well, and 5) be healthy before the interview! Again, these won’t really guarantee that you’ll land a job — but it may boost your confidence during the interview itself. Confidence plays a part in the process, so might as well take these into consideration in your next pre-interview preparations!