focused woman writing in clipboard while hiring candidate

No Past Work Experience, No Problem

Best Practices

Job-searching may be a bit more difficult if job qualifications seem to misalign with your work experience. With some companies looking for 5 years of experience or more, you tend to wonder how you’d get the job you want if you haven’t even gotten past months in your previous job. Fortunately, there are ways to acquire a job even with little-to-no experience! Here are a few tips on how to go about it:

Collect and select.

Gathering information on various companies and organizing them in such a way that will help you choose which opportunities you’re best suited for regardless of your time at work. In simpler terms, just research and go from there! As you get acquainted with different job opportunities, you get to have a grasp of what your career priorities and goals are, and which jobs you think can still make you start and grow in your career.

Give importance to what you do have.

As you research different opportunities, you realize that for some companies, work experience is not all that matters. Not every company is looking for an already established candidate with little room for growth; in fact, they may just be looking for someone new, who can fit their workplace dynamic very well. This is where your attitude, personality, motivation, adaptability, and capacity to generate good ideas can come into play. Again, work experience is one thing – don’t let this weakness dim your other strengths! 

Consider companies who aren’t exactly hiring.

These companies who aren’t exactly hiring, or simply not advertising their job postings, usually attract fewer people, hence less competition, and more chances to stand out. Moreover, showing initiative to email them even without the advertising shows that you’re serious about getting this job. It’s harmless to email a company not actively hiring – taking this chance might even get invited to an interview!  

Show off your soft skills.

In crafting your CV, make sure to have your prospective employers get a glimpse of how great you are in your soft skills! These include, but are not limited to, your communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Perhaps also consider stating in your interview how such soft skills can make you perform well in a hard skill as well. This can give the employer an idea of how well-rounded you can be!


Making connections with other people, especially with those who can be your future co-workers and employers, really goes a long way! Job fairs create a perfect avenue for this! Employers in job fairs usually recruit candidates that attend these fairs, so maybe consider attending one or more. Apart from acquainting yourself with these employees, you can even get to know companies better, or even know companies that you didn’t know before. 

In sum, what’s important to note here is that work experience is not all that matters to all companies. Other companies avidly search for employees who can bring something new to the table – not just employees who can do what other people have done given a number of years. Simply put, you probably have other characteristics and capabilities worth sharing that may just land you your next job!