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Getting Employees Vaccinated for COVID-19

Best Practices

Employers have the duty to make employees safe. Thus, there is a need for employers to take initiative in providing safe workplaces for everyone’s health. One way to do this given the health risks of working onsite during the pandemic is for employers to encourage their employees to get vaccinated. 

This would not only be beneficial to the employees’ welfare, but also to their families. As they come home from work almost every day, they increase their family member’s risk of getting the virus. Hence, it is imperative that employers do what they can to foster a safe working environment for their employees to likewise ensure safety and health to all of their families. Apart from the employees’ families, there are also people who come and go inside the workplace building. They are people who may be customers, partners, delivery drivers, among others. They are also people to consider in coming up with strategies to achieve a safe and healthy workplace. Lastly, stakeholders of the company can include job seekers who are looking for places to work for amidst the pandemic. They would be more likely to apply for a job from a company that ensures the safety and wellbeing of their employees and everyone else’s.

Notwithstanding these compelling reasons for employers to encourage employees to get vaccinated, they must also consider what individual employees truly want to do. Not everyone wants to get vaccinated for their own personal reasons, and it would be unethical to force them into getting vaccinated. In light of this, businesses have been incentivizing employees to get vaccinated, instead of fully pushing for a required vaccination. It is important that these incentives are not at all coercive nor do they have the potential to pressure employees into disclosing their medical information. An example of a way to go about such incentives is the planned practices of companies such as Dollar General and Instacart, who have decided to pursue cash incentives for their employees who get vaccinated.  

From the aforementioned section, it could be said that an important factor to note in this whole pandemic situation and vaccination process is how employers encourage employees to get vaccinated. They may choose between Incentives and mandates to promote the vaccination plan. However, they must also insert a preliminary step to this plan: education about the vaccine. Employers must also inform their employees about the vaccine and their implications, so they have an idea of what lies ahead of them. They may opt to refer to credible websites such as that owned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

In sum, getting employees vaccinated for the virus entails strategic planning. Two important factors must be considered by employers: 1) the fact that not everyone would like to get vaccinated and 2) all the facts about the vaccine that must be taught to employees. Choosing between mandates and incentives may come after the consideration of such factors. Regardless of the routes through which employers eventually encourage employees, it is essential that they push for a safe and healthy environment without compromising the liberty and rights of their own employees.