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How to Answer the Infamous “Why Should We Hire You?”

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Undoubtedly, “Why Should We Hire You?” is one of the most intimidating questions recruiters ask in job interviews. A mistake job-seekers make is not preparing for this question beforehand; indeed, on-the-spot answers are bold and admirable, but such an open-ended question indicates that there may be too many reasons to consider. Such may result in an unorganized, discursive, too comprehensive answer that may cost you a good spot for the job altogether. To help you along the way, here are some tips in preparation for answering this daunting question:

1. Know what you are and who you are.

The first step to this is to think about what you have done so far, putting emphasis on the notable roles you’ve taken in past experiences, as well as other special skills and accomplishments you’ve acquired from them. Narrow down all the strengths you have, and perhaps also include what skills you have been eager to learn and are currently working on.

2. Customize your answer per company.

It’s common knowledge that companies look for different skill sets or characteristics even in the same position. In this light, you must also calibrate your pitch to align with what the company is asking for. For instance, you can mention past experiences that are directly relevant to the role you’re applying for

3. Express your “what” and “why”.

Since this question is also analogous to “tell me about yourself”, only with a more competitive touch, consider talking about what you want to become in a few years’ time and why you’re working towards that goal. After expressing your goals, tell them how it aligns perfectly with the role you’re applying for, and why such career direction and focus you have gives you an edge compared to other candidates.

4. Compellingly concretize your current capabilities.

Give the recruiters some examples of what you do now, and narrow them down to three concise, yet impactful examples. This would give them an idea of what you’re good at and how much potential you have to be remarkable employees in their company. You may refer to your assessment on your skills and strengths as done in Step 1, and make sure to build compelling stories therefrom.

5. End with a hint of passion and hope.

You may tell them that all the past experiences you’ve had and the current capabilities you’ve recently acquired and are working towards improving on aligns with your “end-goal.” Tell them that this is the career path you’ve been building your own ground for, and that, based on years or even decades of experience, you can confidently say that you have sufficiently reached the perfect balance between “following your dreams” and exploring all possible avenues to support yourself in your passion pursuits.