Online Apps Every HR Professional Must Have

Best Practices

Given the remote setting during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it is imperative that HR professionals be accustomed to its mechanics. A part of this adjustment is getting to know different applications that may help make HR processes more convenient. Below is a short list of must-haves for HR professionals working during the pandemic.

1. PeopleFluent

This organizational charting software enables you to cultivate transparency in the department. It helps in acquiring strategic workforce visibility through its innovative models found in its website. Overall, PeopleFluent has the capacity to support your company’s decision-making processes by providing you with sufficient data properly organized for your reference and convenience.

2. Keka

Keka is a “people enabler.” It automates processes necessary for creating your company’s desired workplace culture. To expound on its features Keka allows you to gather and analyze people data through connecting all your employees in a centralized platform. It also tracks payroll and expenses through automating the payment process for employees in due time. Moreover, Keka also allows you to have an overview of your business scale. Lastly, it assists you in your recruitment and onboarding endeavors.

3. Notion

Notion is an all-around, user-friendly application that helps its users organize their work. Through its work space feature, employees can be updated of their tasks, deliverables, and work calendar in real time. For HR professionals, there are also different HR templates such as employee directories, job boards, meeting notes, applicant trackers, and onboarding checklists. 

4. Workbright

Workbright is primarily an onboarding software. It guides hiring teams and new hires for a smoother onboarding process. It automates processes for requirements that need to be completed straight from any device to the hires’ starting work day. Furthermore, Workbright effectively handles manual repetitive tasks for you and gives you more time to focus on more important matters to support your human resources. 

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undoubtedly an HR must-have. It enables you to create a wider network with its connection features, as well as to build a platform for your company to advertise job postings for job seekers to apply for. LinkedIn requires a free sign-up, with additional costs only for premium packages should your company be willing to take the recruitment process to the next level.