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Soft and Hard Skills to Develop for Starting Recruiters

Best Practices

Starting recruiters may be overwhelmed with the whole process of hiring, especially amidst uncertain times. There are possibilities of getting lost and feeling like you may be heading into the wrong direction. However, it’s important to note that this feeling is definitely normal and valid. What’s good to consider upon the reflection of these thoughts is what you have yet to develop to become a successful recruiter in your firm. Below are three hard skills and three soft skills that can guide you in preparing for your recruitment work or for helping you improve your current recruitment work performance.

Soft Skills


As a recruiter, one of your most important tasks to do is to network and interact with several people. You get to interview a lot of job candidates and work with members from your own department. At that moment that you’re invited to be a company representative and recruiter in a career event like a job fair, you’re an image of what the company is like and what it can offer to job seekers. Thus, having confidence is integral in the recruitment process.


With confidence must come good communication skills to channel said confidence. This does not only include your ability to speak fluently in a language, but also to say the right words at the right time. Instilling professionalism in your language is of the essence in dealing with hopeful newcomers in the workforce, as it also introduces to them what kind of communication dynamic the company has. Apart from this, a key aspect of good communication skills is also being a good listener. You’ll be able to interact with a lot of people in a single day; listening to them wholly from start to finish is important. 


From the diverse and large pool of candidates that come into your virtual office during the recruitment period, you’d be at a disadvantage if you have tendencies to be indecisive. In this light, it is important to have good decision-making skills in selecting the best candidates for your firm. This is also where confidence comes in, as you have to have confidence and belief in yourself and your own abilities to make good decisions for the benefit of the company.

Hard skills

Being Data-driven

With many job candidates meeting you on the daily, decision-making may be hard when the time comes to select and recruit the best candidates. With that said, you’d have to be data-driven so you have sufficient basis for your next steps moving forward in the process. Being able to analyze and interpret the data you have gathered can definitely lead to efficient hiring, with the help of the right metrics used by your firm.

Marketing & Sales

Since you have to acquaint the job seekers with the brand of your company and what such brand carries along with it, it’s important to have good sales and marketing skills to communicate the brand well. This is not only useful for when you’re in the interview stage; this may also help during the job posting process, wherein you advertise the current jobs being offered by the company.

Information Technology

Especially given the current remote setting, it’s important for starting recruiters to be well-versed in dealing with information technology tools accessible online. Using appropriate software for the hiring process also entails knowing how it goes and how to maximize its features to serve the company to its fullest extent. Not only is this skill useful for adjusting to the new 21st century trends in HR processes, but it also becomes an efficient and convenient platform for recruitment.