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Succeed in Your Virtual Internship in 4 Ways

Learning Opportunities

As summer approaches, a lot of students are eager to apply for internships pursuant to their career development. However, one thing might make them hesitant to pursue this endeavor: the remote setting. Some may argue that the experience is not as enriching as internships onsite, while others may not find virtual internships effective or fulfilling at all. Not to fret, there are actually still some ways to succeed in your virtual internship amidst precarious times.  

Acquaint yourself with the company’s culture.

You might not be able to go to the office and take a tour to get to know the company better. Notwithstanding, there are still ways to do this in the online setting. Consider doing your own research on the company prior to beginning your internship. You may have already done this during your internship interview, but it’s no harm to read through your notes again! This will help you in understanding what your company is working towards, and what your place in the company is. Making your company’s culture an acquaintance is essential in your learning process throughout the internship, as the newness of each company’s culture hones your skills to not only adapt to, but thrive in new places that are pathways to your career. 

Organize your agenda daily.

Given that the divide between work and life are already blurred lines due to work and personal life being centralized at one place, organizing your daily checklists may go a long way. This would help you remember your short-term goals for the day, week, or month, and steer you away from distractions that may suddenly arise throughout the day. Not only will this help you become more productive during the day, but it will also make you finish your requirements and outputs for your company on time and with better quality. 

Reach out for feedback or questions.

One of the reasons why you probably decided to apply for an internship is your desire to learn. Unsurprisingly, your employers know this too; hence, they don’t assume that you already know everything there is to learn more about. They are open to any sort of questions you may have in mind. Likewise, they’re also open to offering constructive feedback for your own career development, especially if your work is primarily output-based. Thus, if they don’t necessarily offer you that platform for questions directly, step up and take initiative to ask questions/feedback yourself. Schedule individual consultations with them, should you wish too. Or, if you’re a bit too shy to go through one-on-one meetings with your superior, consider sending a brief email or message. 

Remember to unwind.

Zoom fatigue has been a recurrent phenomenon, as employees go through several meetings within a day, consecutively. Apart from this, asynchronous work also takes up time, resulting in a feeling of exhaustion at the end of the day. In this light, it’s important for you to allot time for rest. Indeed, this is a cliche suggestion, yet it’s something that you might have frequently missed to actually do. Conscious efforts to make time for yourself can definitely help you in the long run, as recharging may boost your mood and productivity on your next day at work.